• Reading Oceans is an Extensive Reading program for English learners. It is designed for young learners starting English for the first time, all the way to adult who are restudying Engish. Look at the level chart and check your reading level by taking the Level Test. You can then practice by looking at sample e-books and animations at your optimal level.
  • Warm-up
    Make a fun English class using the Reading Oceans program. Students can start the class with energetic greetings and a
    nursery rhyme.
    Choose one nursery rhyme which matches the class topic, and start the class with songs and a dance routine.
    Read together
    Read at least one book a week. Help students understand the contents through reading aloud. Keep students' attention
    with the animations that come with every story.
    They will feel more involved in the stories and characters by seeing the animation and reading aloud.
    Teachers can increase students' participatation with the use of multimedia practice and learning games.
    Students will extend their imagination and improve their comprehension by learning with these fun stories.
    Printable Worksheet
    Printable worksheets with drawings and writing exercises. Checks students' comprehension with various exercises.
  • Children aged 4-5
    ntroduce them to new sounds.
    Learners can enjoy fun practice and dance routines by listening to nursery rhymes. This will allow them to travel to
    a fun new world of language every week, one song and dance routine at a time.
    Children aged 6-7
    Learners can now link sounds and letters. They can study phonics and story reading together. Let them study phonics for
    10 minutes a day. This will help them to link sounds and letters. They will be confident with new words and reading aloud.
    Children can have fun reading engaging stories with the sounds and words they have practiced.
    Let them take the Level Test

    Students can be recommended various stories which are at their reading their level by taking the Level Test. We suggest
    students read more than one Reading Oceans book per week.
    Students can read many new stories, either by using the e-books or animations.

    Students will be able to experience a new language world and read new stories on their own. Reading Oceans will guide
    them to improve their comprehension and ability to think. Improve their learning skills and language ability at the same