• Reading Oceans is an Extensive Reading program for English language learners. It is ideal for all learners of all ages, from beginner to advanced students.

    Young learners can listen to Nursery Rhymes and English songs. They can become familiar with English pronunciation and intonation. The next step is to learn letters, sounds, and words through the Phonics program. Here, learners will first learn the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds. Then they will decode words while reading the phonics storybooks. As the learners progress, the storybooks get longer.

    Phonics Readers offer students a smooth transition betweenthe Phonics program and the Readers program. While beginning to develop essential reading skills necessary for the readers program, students can continue to master their phonics skills with the Phonics Readers program. After completing the Phonics Readers step, students will have a good foundation for starting the Readers program.
  • Reading Oceans is systemetically divided into levels. This helps learners to choose the right level for them. Reading Oceans lets them have fun while reading..
  • Scientific Level Test
  • Leaners can be matched with suitable readers after taking the Level Test.
  • Readers Composition
  • We have over 600 readers divided into 30 levels. The readers are designed to help learners enjoy English reading by stimulating
    their interests and motivation.
  • Various Contents
  • Readers from Reading Oceans are presented as animations and e-books to interest and motivate learners.
  • Extensive Listening Program
  • All readers are recorded and animated so learners can have fun while praticing their listening skills.
  • Various Learning Programs
  • Learners have many other ways to practice, such as vocab exercises, audio recording, comprehension checking, and writing practice.
  • Reading Management Program
  • Reading Oceans manages learners' learning history as well as helping them read systematically.